Seth Rogen presents a school... FOR YOUR MIND!

Okay, every school’s for your mind, but this one physically helps your BRAIN. Seth’s gonna teach you scientifically-proven ways to ward off dementia. So get ready, cause class is in session!
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Welcome to HFCUniverse!

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted at HFCU, the Harvard of online Alzheimer’s education schools led by popular comedians. And unlike the real Harvard, HFCU is totally free, doesn’t require an application essay, and there’s no homework—just some work that you’ll do at your home to help you learn!
Best of all, when you “graduate” from HFCU, instead of some stodgy old diploma that’ll do nothing but gather dust on a wall and get you a high-paying job at a prestigious law firm, you’ll get something WAY more important: the tools to keep your brain in top shape in the fight against dementia. 

What else will you get?
  • Fun, bite-sized nuggets of mind-blowing, mind-healing tips for eating, sleeping, exercising and chilling out, all proven to protect your brain. 
  • Fun quizzes to make sure you’re following (no pressure), 
  • maybe a rate-my-professor style survey,
  • and what the hell, I’ll even throw in a diploma too!

And just like Tulane, HFCU is a total party school—you’ll meet a community of other people who are cool enough to know that Alzheimer's is not that cool and definitely worth avoiding.

What’s that you say, you’re too young to worry about Alzheimer’s? Not true! Scientists have learned that the best way of avoiding Alzheimer's disease and related dementias when you’re old is by making key lifestyle changes right now. And Alzheimer's can actually begin 20-30 years before you ever notice a symptom. See, we haven’t even started yet, and you’ve already learned something.

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